Diseño, confeccion y pintado de maillot para gimnastas.

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Hello, my name is Juana.  I have 33 years of experience working in the painting department of a leading porcelain company in Valencia (Spain) and currently I have been 8 years in the department of Creativity and Design of the same company. This extensive experience in the world of painting and design is what gives me the skills to create completely original designs. 

On this website you can find my maillot designs for aerobics, but I can also design screens for rhythmic, acrobatic, artistic, skating, sport dancing, or also unique shirts and all kinds of garments, as the world of textile design is very extensive.
My work consists of creating the design and painting the maillot or particular garment, as well as the fabrication in the case of a maillot.


  • Sizing of the maillot (VIDEO, DETAILED DRAWING ) or the garment in question.
  • Initial sketch design as original idea based on suggestions from customer and/or music from the routine to be executed by the gymnast.
  • Approval of the sketch.
  • Making the final design.
  • Preparation of the maillot or the garment in question according to design.                      
  • Actual painting. 

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